A century of dedication
Courthouse Computer Systems is a family owned business whose relationship with county government officials can be traced back 100 years.  In 1905, E.H. Roederer Bookbindery was started in Louisville Kentucky and quickly became a reliable supply source for county governments.  Charles Roederer Sr. became involved with the business in the 1930’s and in time passed the family operation along to his own children, Chuck and Jim Roederer.  Nearly one hundred years and three generations of leadership later, the bookbindery continues to provide binders and other office supplies including roller shelving, plat cabinets, and paper.

Beginning in the early 1970’s Chuck Roederer started a subsidiary of E.H. Roederer bookbindery that focused on the use of microfilm technology to create archival copies of county documents and introduced reproduction services for old records.  As technology improved, Chuck began to investigate using computers to replace the tedious manual task of indexing records.  In 1981, he founded Courthouse Computer Systems and released a software program for indexing county records on a microcomputer platform.

A commitment to innovation
Courthouse Computer Systems is committed to applying new technology to better serve the needs of county government.  Since our company’s inception we have modernized offices by initiating the implementation of networked solutions, remote dial-up access to index information, digital scanning of documents, and Internet availability of county records.

Today, we use best of breed technology to cost-effectively meet the changing needs of record management.  Our systems simplify the archiving and retrieval of information so that county government officials can better concentrate on serving the public.  With a history of almost a hundred years, you can feel confident that you are working with a company that has a keen understanding of your needs and recognizes the importance of implementing and supporting accurate and dependable systems.